Award-winning productions and professional team, we provide full music production for artists and AV media producers worldwide. Whether you are a professional artist looking for a helpful creation environment, looking for guitar-specific tracking, voice-over or an original soundtrack for your moving picture, we will have what you need to make your project shine.

Apollo Tele-Coaster (Handmade Tele-copy, set up for chicken pickin)
Fender Jazz Deluxe Bass (a guitarist’s favorite bass)
Fender US Deluxe Strat (with custom pickups c/o Pickup Wizard)
Fender US Jaguar (vintage 1963, plays like a dream)
Fender US Standard Strat (setup for 80’s rock, ie, Van Halen, whammy bar)
Fender US Standard Tele (straight out of the box)
Fernandez Tele-Copy (modified Seymour Duncan pickups etc. probably my fav)
Gibson ES-335 1963 Reissue (rock, blues, jazz – beautiful tone)
Gibson L4 Archtop (jazz, 50’s rockabilly – classic)
Gibson mid-40’s ES-150 (Charlie Christian sound, big band comping – vintage instrument)
Godin LGX-SA AAA (loads of acoustic and electric sounds, MIDI ready)
PRS MCarty (Classic American custom rock & blues tone)
Yamaha Image (kinda like a PRS, Alnico magnets – great tone)
Gibson J45 (you know the sound – classic jangle)
Martin D-15 (all-mahogany version of D-18, dark tone, great for slide)
Ramirez 125 Anos (pure spanish/classical guitar tone – 125th anniversary model)
Tacoma Chief (cedar-top, teak and rosewood – great gypsy jazz sound
Yamaha BN-1 (cypress back and sides, spruce top, great for latin music)
Yamaha CG-3 (cedar-top, hand-made Yamaha’s in the late 80’s, pretty tone)
AAD CUB-100 (great little 2×5″ acoustic amp, perfect for bi-amping with another)
Fender Bassman (1968) (vintage mid-60’s head, deep snarly sound)
Fender Blues Deluxe (1995) (old faithful, classic fender tone, 1×12″ open back, tube)
Fender Deluxe Reverb (2014) (Fender’s new Deluxe/Bassman hybrid, beautiful tones)
Fender Deluxe Reverb (60’s) (vintage 1960’s original, classic tube sound, 2×12″ open-back)
Hammond L122 Leslie (if you really want the real thing… we’ll haul it out)
Marshall JCM-800 (1983) (“There is no amp like the JCM800” Guitar Player, 4×12″ lead cab)
Roland Cube-20 (handy and tight. 1×10″ closed-back, solid-state)
Roland JC-50 (stereo 80’s Roland Jazz chorus bliss, 2×10″ open-back)
Traynor Custom Value 20WR (sweet tube amp loaded w. Telefunkens, 1×12″ Celestion greenback, open-back)
Boss CE-2 Chorus (the original vintage chorus sound, think Andy Summers)
Boss DD-6 (delay-class favorite)
Boss ME-50 (great floorboard, filled with sounds, great with amplifiers, stereo fx)
Boss OC-2 (still one of the best octavers out there)
Boss PQ-4 (vintage parametric EQ)
DOD FX20 Phaser (something unique about the sound of this phaser)
Dunlop Crybaby (2010 model, sounds better than ever, germanium diode)
EHX Clone Theory (High-Q analog chorus)
Hotone Volume/Wah (great Crybaby tone, plus volume control)
Jimi Hendrix Fuzz-face (solid fuzz tone)
Keelor Push (makes our tubes amps sound like they’re supercharged)
Keely Compressor (the Robert Keely original, fat, tasty sound)
Line 6 MM-4 (stereo modulation fx at their best, programable)
Line6 Pod Pro (rack-mount, amp simulation)
MXR Carbon Copy Delay (pure analog delay)
MXR Phaze 100 (classic 70’s mod)
Route 66 Distortion/Comp (like a tube-screamer with a compressor built in)
TC Hall of Fame Reverb (best stomp verbs around)
Vox Stomplab (amp modeling)
Vox Tonelab (in our opinion the best sounding hardware amp-sim, loaded with a Telefunken 12ax7)
Xotic Compressor (personal fav)
Boss Line Selector (x2, for virtually any hardware FX chain)



  • WINNER – Best Music Video – Red Dirt Film Festival (Oklahoma)
  • WINNER – Best Super Short – Comic Con (Wizard World Film Festival)
  • WINNER – Sci-Fi/Fantasy film of the year – (SNAFF) Snake Alley Festival of Film
  • WINNER – Best Short Film – Atlanta Underground Film Festival
  • WINNER – Best International Short Film – Golden Award – World Film Awards
  • WINNER – Best Newcomer Director – Golden Award – World Film Awards
  • WINNER – Award of Merit at Indiefest (Hollywood, CA)


Kurt Dettbarn – Design Cellar
401-Dixie Automall
Caledon Community Services
Greg Carrasco – Thornhill Hyundai and AM640
Alex Fawcett
Gladheart Band
Blackspruce Band
Susan Lynne
Dave Olsen and Producahman
Will Black
Richard Fortin
Petshop Productions